Club Fun Roulette Drinking Game Set, 16 shots
  • RESPONSIBLE VEGAS-STYLE DRINKING ACTION AT HOME: Club Fun's 16-Shot Roulette Drinking Game Set is a high-intensity gambling-based drinking game for adults that'll set any normal party rapidly on fire (please always drink responsibly).
  • REALISTIC GAMBLING & DRINKING INTENSITY: Featuring 16 numbered shot glasses, a roulette wheel, shot glass holders and 2 metal balls, our wildly-thrilling adult drinking party game quickly starts totally feeling like you're always letting everything ride!
  • BASIC AT-HOME DRINKING GAME FUN: Simply choose your favorite liquors and fill-up all 16 of your shot glasses then place each one in its holder around the wheel. And start spinning and letting all the responsible drinking fun begin!
  • NOVELTY GIFT PERFECTION: Whether getting (responsibly) hammered with friends or presenting it as the most awesome best man gift ever, our fun drinking game is a great gag gift that'll be even funnier once put to regular (responsible ;) hard-partying use!
  • EXCITING ADULT DRINKING GAMES: Club Fun creates alcoholic-based party games that let responsible adults enjoy life with all the fun-loving kind of wild revelry that turns normal evenings into incredibly-memorable nights that everyone will probably forget.
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Club Fun's 16-Shot Roulette Drinking Game Set is a high-intensity gambling-based drinking game for adults that's a dream shot-pounding contest come true! Rapidly turning normal parties into the kind of hard-charging booze-fueled excess-laden Vegas-style drinking bouts of intoxicated debauchery that most everyone in attendance will probably never remember, our wholesome adult roulette drinking game is an honest-to-goodness exciting twist on the classic Las Vegas spinning game of chance. A great way to keep the party, and the laughter, goin' all night long, Club Fun's roulette drinking game also helps showcase your desired lifestyle in a highly-comical style all of which makes it a memorable groomsman, birthday, graduation, stocking stuffer and/or office party gift. And of course, always spin that devils wheel, and knock back those shots, responsibly!
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