Steam Control™ 8qt T304 Stainless Steel Stockpot/Spaghetti Cooker with Deep Fry Basket & Steamer Inserts
  • Cover with Steam Control™ Top Knob
  • Pasta Colander
  • Deep Fry Basket
  • 4-3/8" Steamer Basket
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
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Excellent for pasta, seafood, soups, stews, and rice; this multi-cooker boils, steams and blanches. Simply lift out the deep pasta insert after the pasta has cooked. No need to pour hot water into a separate colander. This is much easier and safer. Set includes: 8qt stockpot, cover with Steam Control™ top knob, pasta colander, deep fry basket, and 4-3/8" steamer basket. All 3 inserts can be used alone in the 8qt stockpot or the pasta insert & steamer basket can be used at the same time. All pieces store together inside stockpot. Limited lifetime warranty. White box.
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